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Percussionist, Music Producer, Song Writer, DJ, Vocalist  Began his journey at 11 years old playing the African Drum called the Djembe under the tutelage of Master drummer Baba Olatunji.   At age 14 Myles was featured on a drum documentary entitled “Spirit Of The Drum” that aired on The Discovery Channel for decades.  By age 17 he would win the soloist competition at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival at University of Idaho.   Shortly after Myles received partial scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and later the Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana, Cuba.  Myles has toured and recorded with artists such as (Latin Grammy Winner) Orlando “Maraca” Valle, (Latin Grammy Winner) Alex Cuba, (Juno winner) K OS, (Juno Winner) Alpha Yaya Diallo and the list goes on.   He also shared the stage with great artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Earth Wind & Fire, El Canerio, Oscar D’Leon and Isaac Delgado.

In 2008 Myles would move on to his solo career writing 9 albums, 20 singles, 50 remixes and 6 vinyl releases.   He has performed his original music in Miami, Montreal, Los Angelas and Alaska.   His show featured his ability to perform as Percussionist, Producer, Song Writer and Vocalist simultaneously.   The show performed in hundreds of venues and special events over the last 14 years.  Through the connections he made with this show Myles would create a music label in 2008 called Deep Culture Music.  This label features artists from around the world that falls under the musical spectrum of Latin, African, Electronica, Jazz, Soul, HipHop and House. 

Currently Myles has created 2 musical projects that compliment and feature his percussion range.   The first project is called “Myles Bigelow and the Cosmic Visionaries” which has already released a new E.P. record entitled “Cosmic Soundwave”.  This group is focused on the Jazz Funk and Cosmic Jazz music.  The 8 piece band performs original music and covers from artists that Myles collects on vinyl record such as Donald Byrd and Lonnie Liston Smith.  This band has already begun performing in Vancouver and looks to begin touring in 2023 with a new album currently being worked on.   Another project Myles started is the Latin, Flamenco Jazz, Moroccan grooves group called "Domino".  Domino consists of 2 guitarists and 1 percussionist.   The band explores the integration of multiple musical styles to create their sound.  It’s a seamless sound of guitar melodies and warm hand percussion under tones.  Domino is also playing around Vancouver working on its first recorded releases as well.

Much of Myles's music taste can be credited to his dedication to music and also to Dj'ing.  Aside from his percussion studies he also began his journey as a Dj at the age of 15 already and 6 months later received his first DJ gig.  Much of this pursuit can be credited to his non stop obsession of listening and collecting music since 8 years of age. Professionally Myles has DJ all over the world for many festivals and music venues.  

Myles has always understood the importance of creating value for his skill set and continues to do so without any desire to slow down.  It is understood that motion is the key to his success and the only way to succeed with that is to do it in a way that one loves.  Fortunately Myles continues to pursue this mentality and the response always shows that his vision is welcomed and embraced.  Myles is very excited about what the opportunities the future holds and welcomes the work it takes to reach these goals.    



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